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Hi, I’m Mike. My partner Rick and I hate our bathroom. Hate it. Love our condo, hate our bathroom. It was the only thing we didn’t like about the condo, but it was a great deal, so we figured we’d just remodel the bathroom later. Do you have any idea how much it costs to remodel a bathroom? We didn’t. Once we actually looked into it, we realized that the project was going to have to wait a bit. We did what we could with decoration, but that was only so much. The thing really just needed to be redone. Well, a few years and a couple promotions later, and it’s starting to feel like this thing might actually happen. When we first moved in, we were both constantly looking up pictures of gorgeous bathrooms and obsessing about all the details we would include. After it became evident that we would be waiting a bit, we decided we were torturing ourselves, and made a pact to swear off the bathroom pics until we were actually ready to start planning. Well, I’m calling it! It’s time to start doing the research! Wouldn’t want to go into this thing unprepared after all 😉

In reality though, this research phase will be rather important, hence the purpose of this website. We’re doing a bit better than we were when we bought the place, but this project still represents a significant investment. It’s important to both of us that we get the best value for our money, and build something that will significantly increase the value of the unit as a whole should we ever decide to sell it. We will research walk in showers, free standing tubs, whether it’s actually reasonable to have both, hardware, lighting, vanities, tile, toilets… Rick doesn’t think we need a new toilet. Of course we don’t need a new toilet, but we don’t really need any of this. Our toilet is nice, but not particularly modern looking, and depending on the final theme we go with, it really might not fit that well. Plus, we’ll almost definitely have to move it, and with the cost of rearranging the plumbing, I think the cost of incorporating a new toilet would be negligible. We’ll see what the contractor says 😉

We’re planning to meet with multiple contractors, to get a full sense of what’s out there. We live in Chicago, so we definitely have options. It’s important that we find someone who respects our ideas while also bring their own to the table and of course communication is huge. Everyone’s heard horror-stories about contractors, and we don’t want to be another statistic. A thorough vetting of everyone we’re interested in will be an important part of our online research.

Neither of us know much about construction or interior design, but we do have taste, and we know what we like. We also believe in our ability to educate ourselves, and by the end of self-directed this crash-course, we expect to have a functional body of knowledge that will put us in the best position to direct someone in building a bathroom that we love! This blog will narrate our journey. Welcome to Mike and Rick’s Bathroom Seminar!

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